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A Topical Remedy for HPV Infection 

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A study out of National Cancer Center in South Korea, conducted research to determine if a particular topical remedy of curcumin and curcumin-containing polyherbal cream would be effective in clearing a Cervical Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection.

The 287 woman that participated in the study were HPV positive women without high grade cervical neoplasias and separated into four groups to either be treated with vaginal Basant cream, vaginal placebo cream, curcumin vaginal capsules or placebo vaginal capsules.

After applying the cream for 30 consecutive days except during menstruation, they had a follow up appointment where they would go through another HPV test, cytology and colposcopy.

The results of the study were that the Basant cream caused 87.7 percent clearance rate which was significantly higher than the combined placebos (73.3 percent). The Curcumin cream caused a higher rate of clearance (81.3 percent) than placebo though the difference was not statistically significant.

While further tests need to be conducted, this could be beneficial for those women dealing with HPV.

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