Arizona Interscholastic Association Approves Signing of Sports Physicals Beginning 2014/2015 Season

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The AIA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee voted to accept physical examinations from Naturopathic Physicians starting in the 2014-2015 school year. The decision needs to be put into official language and added to the bylaws of The AIA. AzNMA will be getting back to the membership in March or April with the exact wording of the new bylaw.

During the Spring Conference, June 7 and 8, Dr. Mark Strom will be presenting a pre-participation physical examination talk.

A journey of many….years as come to fruition. Thank you Mark Strom, NMD for staying diligent in encouraging the AIA to allow Naturopathic Physicians to sign sports physicals. Dr. Strom is serving on the AIA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

During his time on the Advisory Committee he has invited other ND’s and MD’s to present to the Advisory Committee the credentials to show that Naturopathic Physicians do have the proper training and schooling to sign the sports certificate.

[The AzNMA] would also like to thank Paul Mitman, NMD, Christine Girard, NMD and Pamela Howell, MD, who presented before the AIA on behalf or the naturopathic community.

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