Cabbage And Soybeans May Improve Immune Function

Research out of Osaka University has found that lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), a lipid high in cabbage and soybeans, could be effective at regulating lymphocyte activity, and immune responses.

Previously, lymphocyte motility mechanisms have been unknown. Current research has uncovered new information as to how this mechanism functions. Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA,) and the receptors that bind to this lipid, have been discovered to be an influential component when it comes to regulating immune responses.

Normally, lymphocytes are responsible for responding to pathogens that enter the body, and abnormal cells that arise, by destroying them. They often are exposed to these abnormal cells, or pathogens in the lymph nodes. A team of researchers has now identified that LPA helps to regulate the motility of lymphocytes within lymph nodes. LPA binds to lymphocytes, and allows them to circulate lymph nodes more effectively in order to identify and respond to pathogens.

This new knowledge will allow for new strategies to help support the immune system. As it is known that LPA is high in cabbage and soybean, along with other herbal medicines, we can use these foods and natural sources to help boost the immune system.

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