Call for Abstracts: 2. International Mistletoe Meeting

We would like to invite you to the Second International Mistletoe Meeting. It will take place from September 22-25 close to Stuttgart, Germany.

Selected speakers of the event are:
• PD Dr. med. Harald Matthes, gastro-enterology, oncology; Head Physician at Hospital Havelhöhe, Germany
• Prof. Dr. med. Harald Meden, gynecology; Senior physician at Paracelsus – Spital, Switzerland
• Dr. med. Günther Spahn, haemato-oncology, palliative care; Board member European Society of Integrative Oncology, Switzerland
• Dr. med. Thomas Breitkreuz, internal medicine; Medical director at Paracelsus-Krankenhaus, Germany

Each of these speakers will introduce a topic. If you are interested in presenting at the IMM 2014 or join us as delegate, please see the file attached. Abstract submission deadline: 30/04/2014. Abstracts selected and presented at the IMM 2014 will be recompensed 200€.

A visit to the Paracelsus hospital in Bad Liebenzell and a visit to the Black Forest on 25/09 are also scheduled.

More info at 

We are looking forward to your response to this call for abstracts.



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