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FIMAFRICA Provides Mobile Clinics In Kenya

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The Foundation for Integrated Medicine in Africa (FIMAFRICA,, a Canadian registered charity, brings mobile clinics to remote impoverished and under-serviced areas in Kenya. Naturopathic students and doctors volunteer with FIMAFRICA to gain clinical experience, earn CE credits and contribute towards global health using integrated medicine. Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND, P.G. Gestalt Psychotherapy, started FIMAFRICA with the help of NDs in Canada. This April, students from National University of Health Sciences will be joining FIMAFRICA to provide mobile clinics to remote communities and gain clinical experience. Ameet supervises practitioners from around the world, and offers them a personal growth experience using gestalt therapy and coaching while they also gain clinical experience in the bush. “In the evenings, on some days, after treating in a remote location, we’ll sit down at the campsite, in the middle of the bush, and start sharing emotional and professional issues. I facilitate these discussions, challenge old belief systems and offer alternative perceptions to stuck ideas. I hope that people grow from this experience both personally and professionally, and are more able to intervene with their clients at an emotional level without mixing their personal emotions in their work.”

FIMAFRICA has been a fun experience for both Ameet and all the students and doctors who participate on this learning experience. Homeopathy is the main modality used on the mobile clinics because of its affordable nature and versatility to be carried around by nomadic people who might not receive medical care for a while as they go in search of grazing pastures for their goats and cows. Volunteers learn a lot about acute prescribing in homeopathy, and also see people from remote communities which a lot of tourists don’t get to experience when they visit Kenya. Ameet also makes sure there’s a bit of fun with wildlife safaris, visits to a local herbalist and nature walks while camping in the bush. The trips usually last 10-14 days, with a mix of camping and staying in a little town called Nanyuki, on the foothills of Mount Kenya. Doctors can earn CE credits through approval with their Boards and students earn externship credits. More information can be found on or by contacting Ameet directly at

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