What’s REALLY Scary about Halloween?

Millions of children are gearing up to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, and for them, this is the fun part of the holiday. For others, horror movies, haunted houses and creepy costumes offer that element of fear to thrill seekers.
But what if the trick or treating is really the aspect we should fear? We all know that sugar and corn syrup can be detrimental to our health, but take a look at the following 6 reasons you should be afraid of your child ingesting all that halloween candy:
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Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, who practices at the Diabetes Naturopath Center in Sacramento, Calif. Said he finds Halloween to be a scary prospect nowadays.

“I thank God my kids are not children anymore … for me Halloween is a disaster,” Dr. Godby said. “Decades ago when we went trick or treating, there weren’t GMOs.”

Dr. Godby said he sees problems in his patients later in life that stem from the unhealthy ingredients they are eating. He worries about the children, especially.

“There are so many problems with sugar, we take in 15 times as much sugar as we should, and that doesn’t take into account the dyes and GMO and oils that have changed so many things to something not natural,” he said, adding that instead of giving out candy this year and being part of the problem, perhaps being part of the solution would be a good idea. “Why not buy alternative things to give out, or once you get your gathering of candy pick out the best, or make Halloween the only day you allow candy to minimize the damage.”

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