Slideshow: Wine grapes and resveratrol and how they help

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Taking a glass of wine as a daily indulgence can do more than relax you, it can help you stay healthy. An element found in the skin of wine grapes and other berries known as resveratrol is proving through scientific studies that its benefits are vast. has compiled a list of seven ways this chemical can improve health.
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Dr Ellen Sauter, ND of The Tualatin Clinic of Natural Medicine in Tualatin, OR. treats her patients naturally with diet and sometimes supplements. She said while a daily glass of wine has its benefits, drinking enough wine to get the amount of resveratrol needed for best results is too much alcohol.

“However, there is something to be said for consuming a nutrient in its natural form, with all the cofactors present… A little bit of resveratrol can actually be quite powerful,” she said, adding a caution for supplement use. “Low dose supplement forms of resveratrol (65-70 mg daily) have also shown benefits, but high doses can actually be harmful (more than 250 mg per day.) It’s generally better to allow food to be your medicine, with a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.”


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