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OptiMSM® Provides Relief from Nasal Allergy Symptoms

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Vancouver, Wash. — January 26, 2015 — Medicus Research recently presented a poster titled: “Efficacy of a Proprietary Methylsulfonylmethane Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis Induced by a Standardized Allergen” at the Natural Supplement Educational Conference (organized by Scripps Hospital). The poster detailed how a recent randomized, controlled study demonstrated that the MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) used in the study (OptiMSM®) provided significant relief from allergic rhinitis symptoms (nasal allergy).

“The OptiMSM product appeared to provide a protective effect against nasal obstruction following standardized allergenic challenge at multiple dose levels,” said Dr. Jay Udani, CEO of Medicus Research. “The results, as measured both by Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow and Visual Analog Scale symptom scores, showed that sub-chronic consumption of a dose as low as three grams each day for fourteen days was effective in providing this potentially protective occurrence.”

OptiMSM is manufactured by Bergstrom Nutrition, the world’s leading manufacturer of MSM. An ultra-pure branded ingredient, OptiMSM is the only GRAS-designated MSM in existence. It has earned a reputation as the purest and most trusted MSM worldwide due to its proprietary four-stage distillation process that guarantees optimal purity, quality and consistency.

“This new data is exciting because it suggests OptiMSM may help modulate a healthy immune response in individuals subjected to environmental allergens. It also supports prior data by Barrager et al. (2002) suggesting MSM may help mitigate symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis,” said Rod Benjamin, Director of Technical Development for Bergstrom Nutrition. “The results from these two human studies strongly suggest that MSM has potential to support healthy immune response to environmental allergens and that MSM should be studied further for potential uses in mitigating over active allergic response.”

“This study represents another example of Bergstrom Nutrition’s commitment to research and new applications for MSM. Additional studies extend MSM’s joint support benefits to include even more benefits for skin care, exercise recovery, sports nutrition, support for healthy aging as well as immune response,” said Tim Hammond, VP of Sales & Marketing for Bergstrom Nutrition.

The full research manuscript is currently being drafted and will be published approximately in March.

About Bergstrom Nutrition
Bergstrom Nutrition is the world’s leading manufacturer of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Its product, OptiMSM®, is the purest and only GRAS-designated MSM. Bergstrom Nutrition uses a unique four-stage distillation process, ensuring optimal purity, quality and consistency. OptiMSM is made exclusively in the USA, and manufactured in a dedicated cGMP-compliant, ISO-registered facility to help provide essential traceability. Bergstrom Nutrition has its headquarters in Vancouver, WA.

For more information, please visit www.bergstromnutrition.com or call 360-693-1883.

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