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A Healthy Acid-Base Balance is the Basis of Health

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Are your patients suffering from persistent stress, chronic fatigue or an unbalanced diet? Are they not very responsive to therapies you know should work? If they are experiencing any of the above, you should look at their body’s acid-base balance. For all important metabolic functions to work optimally, the body’s acids and bases must be in the right balance. Long-term hyperacidity can result in many kind of chronic diseases including pain, recurring inflammation, weight gain and even osteoporosis.

BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® is a revolutionary formula with a balanced mixture of bicarbonates, as well as zinc which is used as a cofactor for carbonic anhydrase in supporting the bicarbonate buffer system. A standardardized test from the USP shows that BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® has the highest acid-binding capacity of any product on the market – and its acid-binding capacity is 5x more than products which contain no bicarbonates.

BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® is a great add-on remedy to many protocols, such as protocols for pain, allergy and detoxification. It can shorten the healing process by removing the acid overload caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, inflammatory processes, allopathic medications, lack of exercise as well as intense exercise. BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® can help improve muscle metabolism to help athletes perform to their potential, naturally.

Key features of BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE®:
• Proven high alkalinizing capacity
• Free of sugar, gluten and lactose
• Small, easy to swallow tablets
• Each box contains 21 pH test strips to easily monitor pH

BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® is distributed by PASCOE CANADA, the Canadian division of the homeopathic and phytotherapeutic lines of PASCOE Pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH in Germany. It is fully licensed with Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate.

PASCOE CANADA is proud to support our professional clients with free product training, free webinars, and free medical supports as well as free educational brochures for your patients.

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