Natural Partners Introduces Bioprotein Technology Velvet Antler Extract (VAE) to Meet Increased Demand

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The original “superfood” garners acclaim for robust energy, vitality & restoration; Natural Partners Chose BioProtein Technology for the company’s sustainable & ethical harvesting practices

Scottsdale, AZ – If ever there were a “fountain of youth,” it only makes sense it would be found inside one of nature’s most regenerative sources – deer antler.

Natural Partners, a leading provider of nutraceutical supplements to integrative healthcare practitioners, has entered an agreement with BioProtein Technology to carry their wildly popular Velvet Antler Extract (VAE).  Garnering acclaim for expediting recovery in athletes, and supporting immunity, strength, and vitality, this ancient and revered element is once again in high demand across North America.

Natural Partners, a company that prioritizes and advocates for animal integrity chose to collaborate with BioProtein Technology after assessing the company’s ethical and sustainable harvesting practices.  The health and well being of their free-range deer and elk, raised in generous Idaho farm country, is a top priority in the yearly extraction of this potent substance.

Velvet Antler Extract (VAE):  What is its potential, and how is it extracted?

Extolled for its healing and restorative properties and harvested across the globe for centuries, VAE is the rich, concentrated hormone found inside the tissue of deer antlers just before calcification each year.  A sought after supplement, VAE may shorten recovery times, support healthy bones, boost energy, and improve mood, cognition, and sexual vibrancy.

Additional benefits may include:

  • Support of immune function, endurance and strength
  • Improved skin, hair and nail quality
  • Reduced muscle soreness

“We’re excited to partner exclusively with Bioprotein Technology to provide such a unique product line that’s in high demand,“ said Jason Dec, Lead Merchant at Natural Partners.   “Because of their vertically integrated business model, we knew for certain BioProtein’s sourcing demonstrated the highest level of integrity, purity and quality assurance.  Through this collaboration, Natural Partners’ healthcare practitioners now have direct access to one of the most bio-available superfoods in the professional marketplace.  The clinical application potential of VAE is immense, and we’re excited our customers can offer this unique supplement to their patients. ,” he added. 

Paul Morave, National Sales Director at BioProtein Technology, said,  “Our culture is one of excellence, and it’s why we control every facet of the process. It’s important to us that the deer are never in discomfort during the extraction procedure.  Each year, a licensed veterinarian handles the careful clipping after first administering local anesthesia.  People often assume the prime age from which to extract VAE would be a young stag, but the ideal age is actually 12.”

Deer antler regenerate every year, and, shearing can actually prove helpful to the animals as their racks become cumbersome.

What Health Care Practitioners are saying about Velvet Antler Extract (VAE)

BioProtein Technology has enjoyed plenty of positive affirmation from practitioners whose patients have garnered results from using VAE:

“I have been implementing the Sub L Tropin (the same ingredient as in VAE) in my facility as a safe natural alternative to HGH (Human Growth Hormone). I have been getting tremendous feed back from my patients … I have included a sample blood test of a 49 yr old male who increased his IGF-1 levels 131 ng/ml in just less than 4 months.  These results are superior to anything HGH therapy I have ever tested. It is a part of my own, and all my patients’ daily regimens. “

– Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera, Genesis Health Institute, Miami

I have been searching for a natural way to balance hormones for those with andro/menopause. I am so excited about what I have seen in the lab results with this product. They have exceeded my expectations and performance of any thing natural or synthetic I have ever used in my practice … I am believer in this product and it is has become a major part of my clinic.

-Dr. Lisa Maturo, Phoenix

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