New High-Potency Fish Oil Supplement Solves Omega-3 Compliance

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Ferndale, WA  – Barlean’s has launched a high-potency fish oil supplement, Ideal Omega 3 which contains 1,000 mg of concentrated EPA/DHA in just one fish softgel.

Medical experts recommend a daily intake of 1,000 mgs of Omega-3 which has created an increased demand for higher concentrated Omega-3 supplements.

Ideal Omega 3 is clinically proven to increase Omega-3 levels in the bloodstream and muscle tissue of humans. “With consensus reached among experts that the Westernized diet is severly deficient in EPA and DHA, it’s little wonder why we see impressive results with this product, making Omega-3 compliance a thing of the past“ said Dr. Tom Gilhooly, medical expert and Omega-3 researcher.

Orange flavored Ideal Omega 3 fish oil is both 5-star rated by the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) and certified to rigorous Marine Stewarship Council (MSC) standards for sustainability.

Available in both 30-ct and 60-ct ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade fish softgels, Ideal Omega 3 also comes with a free 6-week Enhanced Omega Wellness™ program.

This week-by-week guide suggests eating habit changes to improve essential fats balance, and simple ways to improve wellness and reduce the risk of chronic disease.


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