New Online Supplement Store for Your Patients

NeuroScience, Inc. partners with Doctors Supplement Store

OSCEOLA, WI (Mar. 25, 2013) – NeuroScience, Inc., a national leader in personalized health care solutions, has announced a new partnership with Doctors Supplement Store (DNSW, Inc.), a full-service nutraceutical fulfillment service that offers health care providers a simple, turnkey approach to selling supplements to their patients.

“With this new partnership, NeuroScience health care providers can give their patients convenient, one-stop shopping, while improving compliance with recommended treatments,” said Wayne McCune, general manager at NeuroScience, Inc. “The dependability, 24/7 availability, and high level of customer service offered by Doctors Supplement Store is a great match with the high standards of NeuroScience.”

Dave Preis, vice president of marketing, Doctors Supplement Store, said, “This is going to be an exciting year for NeuroScience, and we are excited to be part of their growth plan. There is tremendous synergy between their innovative products and services and our doctor-centric fulfillment model.” For more information, visit

About NeuroScience, Inc.
NeuroScience is committed to delivering personalized health care solutions. In conjunction with Pharmasan Labs, Inc., a state-of-the-art, CLIA-certified specialty reference laboratory, NeuroScience provides licensed health care providers with both integrative clinical assessments and proprietary nutraceuticals to identify and target neurological and hormonal imbalances. Through its Assess & Address™ approach, NeuroScience empowers forward-thinking clinicians to better understand each patient’s unique biochemistry, and guide him or her toward optimal health. For more information, visit

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