Response Products Provides Natural Option to Support and Sustain Joint and Muscle Health

CM Response™ can help open the door to healthy joints, muscles, and joint cartilage

January 21, 2015

Boca Raton, FL Response Products, a brand committed to joint health and support, continues to see its products receive increased distribution across America. The company’s CM Response™ line of products gives people of all ages and activity levels a new way to support and sustain joint and muscle health.

The Texas-based family business has long distributed products designed to help dogs, cats, and horses ease the aches and discomfort that can occur from heavy activity, training, and competition. The positive feedback convinced the company to develop a similar formula for people. A key ingredient in the CM Response™ Joint Action Formula capsules is cetyl myristoleate, a unique joint health ingredient that has been shown to promote excellent joint health and function.

“Response Products uses only the best cetyl myristoleate in its products, said Lyndsey Myers, Marketing Director with Response Products. “We work closely with university experts to create the specifications for raw ingredient harvest and collection. Our raw products are then esterified in an NSF-audited, cGMP facility by a team of experts, and made ready for inclusion into our family of products. These measures help ensure the purity and quality of our cetyl myristoleate.”

The proprietary blend found in the CM Response™ Joint Action Formula capsules also includes a non-shellfish, non-GMO form of glucosamine. Typically, people will notice the results of CM Response™ after about a month, as it nourishes joint cartilage, supports flexibility, and may ease the aching and discomfort that can occur from strenuous activity.

CM Response™ Joint Action Cream offers additional joint and muscle support. The cream is specially formulated to allow for immediate penetration into the skin to target problem areas. As a topical treatment, the results are temporary. Some customers find it to be a useful companion product to the CM Response™ capsules.

“We’ve had an incredibly positive response to our CM Response™ products,” said Myers. “People tell us they’re amazed and can’t believe how they make them feel. They swear by it.”

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