Gemmos LLC

logo-1Gemmos LLC distributes 4 complementary product lines and provides supporting education:


  • HerbalGem/Gemmobase Gemmotherapy of Belgium – Over 70 concentrated Gemmotherapy (buds & young shoots) single bud extracts, 20 complexes, a variety of syrups,   birch saps and ointments imported from Herbal Gem in Belgium.
  • Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathy of Germany – about 100 of the products in the comprehensive homeopathic product line of this German company.
  • Holistica Oligophytum & Dermophytum of France –  Holistica offers the Dermophytum 100% natural regenerative skin care line as well at Oligophytum Trace Elements.  Oligotherapy works well with gemmotherapy and we are excited to add it to our list of products.
  • AQThermal Montegrimano Thermae Spa of Italy –  has an array of special creams that concentrate on anti-aging and skin balancing. The AQThermal range offers a wide variety of superior beauty products based on highly compatible and totally biodegradable ingredients that are contained in the Bio-ecological cosmetic listing.

Robin Dipasquale,ND, RH (AHG) teaches Introductory and Advanced Gemmotherapy Webinars which qualify for CE’s.

Address: 550 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 646-414-4000

Fax: 718-599-1997


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