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Affiliate Program FAQ’s

Where do I get my links?

Your links can be found in many places:

  • They are delivered in your affiliate registration welcome email.
  • They can be generated in the Affiliate Center.
  • You can login to Ontraport and find them in “Link Generator”.
Do you have sample copy and banners for me to use?

Yes! Visit our Facebook affiliate group or the Affiliate Center for sample email copy, Facebook/Twitter posts and images to use anywhere you like.

Can I promote to other potential affiliates?

No, our program has only one tier of promotional participation.

How do you make a commission?

Members from your tribe will be tracked with the link provided to you in the affiliate center. They will be tracked through the use of cookies. Anyone that purchase through the use of your linke will trigger a $100 commission for your account.

When do sales begin?


I purchased from my own link, where’s the commission on my account?

If you found the event through another affiliate’s link, the commission will go to that affiliate. If not, then you will see a commission on your account.

We WILL NOT remove commissions from one account and credit it to your account if your account already has a parent affiliate.

How do I check my stats and commissions?

Everything can be accessed from the Affiliate Center. Once there, click “Check Stats and Commissions” to visit the Ontraport login page. Once logged in, the “Link Generator” will show your links, “Link Tracking Stats” and “Commissions Generated” will provide the other metrics you seek.

When will affiliate commission payments be made?

Commissions will be paid no sooner than 30 days after the event ends. This allows the 30-day money back guarantee to expire. Commissions are typically paid 6-8 weeks after an event ends.

Can I still promote the event once it ends?

Yes, the event will move into an evergreen program for continued enjoyed, and continued promotion to new individuals.


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