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Stacie Deyglio, ND

CimpermanDr Cimperman’s, The Prediabetes Detox, rocks in the realm of initiating a campaign for healthier awareness and living for the over-79 million individuals worldwide who suffer with prediabetes – a condition characterized by high levels of blood sugar and insulin, leading to increased risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes. Amazingly, the condition is reversible, as confirmed by a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, in which transformations in diet and lifestyle reduced the risk of prediabetes almost twice as much as the common diabetes drug, metformin.1

There has been a multitude of studies indicating a direct link between toxins in our food and type 2 diabetes. In The Prediabetes Detox, Dr Cimperman engages the reader in how to reverse prediabetes by eliminating these often unknown and unwanted toxins from both diet and direct exposure in the home or workplace environments: “This isn’t just another program. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life. The prediabetes detox will teach you how to take control of your health, lower your blood sugar and insulin levels and reverse prediabetes.” (pg 4)

Toxins in food, water, and the environment act by disrupting hormones. In the case of prediabetes, the cells in the pancreas are specifically altered, and this, in turn, interferes with energy production and has been shown to cause high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and fat accumulation. The Prediabetes Detox outlines a detox regimen (including delicious recipes), so that once followed, the patient will physically feel the overall health benefits and improvements.

The book is defined in 8 chapters. It’s interesting to note that the chapters give the reader a firm but simplified lay-person understanding of the prediabetes condition and detox regimen developed by Dr Cimperman for treating it. Chapter 1 starts off with Prediabetes 101, and this leads into Chapter 2, which is Detox 101. Chapter 3 enlightens the reader on the Prediabetes Detox Diet. Chapter four focuses on the Prediabetes Detox Supplements, which dovetails smoothly into Chapter 5 covering the Prediabetes Detox Lifestyle. Chapter 6 covers the Essential Detoxification for Your Home. Chapters 7 and 8 comprise the Maintenance Plan and Prediabetes Detox Recipes, respectively.

Dr Cimperman’s book is an awesome compendium for every naturopathic student, physician, lay-person and patient. With 79 million individuals necessitating the need to own this book, it provides an effective detox that is both practical and manageable for efficiently preventing the pre-diabetes condition.

  • Title: The Prediabetes Detox
  • Author: Sara Cimperman, ND
  • Publisher: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.
  • Available from:
  • Pages: 224
  • Style: Soft Cover
  • Copyright: 2013
  • MSRP: $16.95


deyglioStacie Deyglio, ND received her baccalaureate degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from the College of Mt. St. Vincent in New York. Her personal health issues paved the way to discovering naturopathic medicine in 1999. Resonating with the philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine, Dr Deyglio graduated from the University of Bridgeport, College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2003. As a medical student, she was involved in student government, fundraising and the generation of two successful student-run health fairs. Dr Deyglio’s interests include relating integrative therapeutics to the health of pediatric and geriatric populations. Currently residing in Phoenix, Dr Deyglio is an avid bookworm, and is actively creating her practice.


  1. Knowler WC, Barrett-Connor E, Fowler SE, al. (2002). Reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle intervention or metformin. N Engl J Med. 2002;346(6):393-403.


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