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Natural Medicine Pediatric Home Health Adviser

Based on expertise gathered from a career in practice, as well as addressing the growing demands of a generation of parents seeking naturopathic medical alternatives for their children, Dr Thomas Kruzel’s first book, Natural Medicine Pediatric Home Health Adviser, provides guidance to families for the effective use of natural therapies. He writes that “naturopathic medicine can help to make the inevitable encounters with illness much easier to navigate because the therapies are generally nontoxic, safe, effective and work with the patient’s vital force rather than against it…children respond to therapy quickly because their vital forces are gaining momentum as they grow and develop” (p 20).

Natural Medicine Pediatric Home Health Adviser is organized according to more than 40 common medical conditions experienced in childhood. The conditions range from asthma to colic, cystitis, fever, and so on. Each condition is clearly explained and detailed according to subtopics that include “What to do until the doctor is seen,” Homeopathic Medicine, Hydrotherapy, Botanical Medicine, Medicines From the Kitchen, and Diet & Nutrition, as well as any specific therapies that are correlative to the condition itself (eg, poultices for sties). For particular conditions, a “Case Management Suggestion” is included. These refer to conditions that take more time to resolve and may require multiple therapies to be considered for follow through of treatment. Dr Kruzel also presents a focus on Special Topics, which includes important specific information relating to botanical medicines, dosing schedules, environmental toxicity in children, fevers, hydrotherapy procedures, guidelines and treatments, medicines from the kitchen, childhood nutrition, essential human nutrients, and a generous piece on poultices, castor oil packs, and Epsom salts. Each condition addressed in the book is fully explained in a comprehensive and reasonable way that is clear to the layperson reader, parent, or caregiver.

The proper care of children is not only about supporting the child during this phase of development. As naturopathic practitioners, it is clearly understood that the inadequate treatment of childhood illness can manifest as common adult conditions or complaints. By improving a child’s health, and subsequently his or her vitality, there is an overall consistent improvement in the duration of health for the individual. As we enter into an age where the focus on health is based more on the individual than on the masses, Dr Kruzel’s book supports not only the home care of children but also the natural progression of healthcare to a model that places a significant emphasis on the person as opposed to the disease.

Title: Natural Medicine Pediatric Home Health Adviser

Author: Thomas Kruzel, ND

Publisher: Self

Available from: and

Pages: 223

Style: Softcover

Copyright: 2012

MSRP: $70.90

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