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Stacie Deyglio, ND

Technology Review: Anatomy and Physiology Online

Now in their 20th year of producing anatomy titles, Primal Pictures has created the most complete, detailed, and medically accurate virtual 3-dimensional model of human anatomy. This reasonably priced tool supports the success of any student enrolled in a 2-semester graduate anatomy and physiology course. The site features 19 fully interactive modules that virtually bring to life key anatomy and physiology concepts. Amid the modules are vividly stunning interactive 3-dimensional views, permitting the user to engage in perceptive functions, with rotation, addition, or removal of anatomic layers, as well as to identify and learn more about any visible structure associated with an individual body system.

Each module includes realistic case studies, applicable clinical anecdotes, and a dedicated section on aging that yields real medical context and relevance. The modules also contain quizzes with short 5 questions to test your knowledge on topics, as well as more-intense quizzes with 50 questions or more. Each independent section of the module may be saved as a PDF, forming useful study guides to augment preparation for a lecture or licensing examination. The audiovisual aspects of the site make this an especially useful instrument for visual and audio learning.

The portrayal of the human body in the software is unique owing to its accuracy and great detail. The designers derived their content from genuine medical data that were interpreted by a team of well-chosen Primal Pictures anatomists. An expert team of graphic designers and e-learning specialists translated the anatomic information into 3-dimensional images. Through this integration of anatomy and graphic design, the visuals of the site are accompanied by design-specific 3-dimensional animations that are exceptional at demonstrating the intricate physiology and biomechanics of each human body system.

To make the interactive tool even more useful, it has been designed to run off of minimal requirements. Required is an Internet connection and access to one of several popular Web browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 or higher (on Windows), Firefox 2 (on Windows), Safari (on the Mac), and Chrome.

The 19 modules include the following: Body Plan and Organization, Chemistry, Cell Biology, Histology, Integumentary System, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Special Senses, Endocrine System, Blood, Cardiovascular System, Lymphatic System and Immunity, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Metabolism, Urinary System, Reproductive System, and Fluid, Electrolyte & Acid-Base Balance.

Title: Anatomy and Physiology Online

Publisher: Primal Pictures

Available from:

Pages: Online

Style: Virtual and interactive medical resource

Copyright: 2010

MSRP: $99 For 12-month subscription

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