NDNR is a solid publication with well-written and
well-researched articles that enhance my practice. I also appreciate the integrity of the advertising, and support those companies that advertise with NDNR.”
– Cynthia Bye, ND

“Slowly but surely, NDNR has trained me to ignore animal studies, as they won’t let me cite them in my articles. In the end this is probably a good thing, as human clinical trials are more definitive in regard to our choice of therapies than knowing what they do to rodents.

NDNR has become a source of intelligent pragmatic advice for practitioners of naturopathic medicine. Not as stuffy or as difficult to comprehend as the peer-reviewed journals, the information we need is there in comprehensible form.”
– Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO

NDNR is an essential resource for students, physicians and health care professionals alike. The extensive spectrum of medical topics covered is sustained by the underlying principles of naturopathic medicine coupled with modern scientific methodologies and enduring naturopathic techniques. It’s like having a naturopathic medical education delivered to you on a monthly basis! The medical resources are a brilliant way to stay in touch with clinical education beyond medical school. It provides an opportunity to check out what is on the market and how these resources may fit into your own private practice. Thank you, NDNR, for making these resources an important part of your editorial.”
– Stacie Deyglio, ND

“Since the beginning it has been reassuring to know that a forum for dialog, discussion, debate, and sharing has become part of the naturopathic communities in North America. Especially valuable for me has been the opportunity to share ideas and information about the naturopathic medical education side of professional formation. Congratulations to Razi, David, Julie, Diana and the rest of the team for nurturing and sustaining this valuable tool with such patience, diligence, and alacrity.” – David Schleich, PhD, president of NCNM

NDNR is an innovative, peer-reviewed publication with high standards of evidence by some of the best doctors we have. I really like the graphics and style – more casual and accessible than a traditional journal, but with equivalent intellectual content. It has provided me a venue to reach the entire profession and all our ND students with some clinical pearls. All of us who write for NDNR appreciate that it is more cost-effective than traditional journals to produce and distribute; articles appear in a very reasonable time frame from submission; and the editing staff are the best in the business. Congratulations on 5 years of excellence in communication and collaboration in naturopathic medicine.”
– Neil McKinney, ND

NDNR has become the one medical source I look forward to reading every month. Nowhere else is there such a broad range of naturopathic information that is so vital to my education and sanity!”
– Brad West, ND

“Congratulations to the team at NDNR as you complete your 5th year of support for naturopathic medicine. Your voice has boosted the dissemination and critical examination of research, sharing of practice experience, communication of institutional advancement and fostering of the culture of the profession. Well done!” – Bob Bernhardt, president/CEO of CCNM

“This publication is the thread of our community. It weaves in and out of many facets of our medicine with cases – not just all the successes but also the ones we learn from. You give a realistic presentation of our naturopathic fabric. Thank you.”
– Pamela Sky Jeanne, ND

NDNR has been paired with the Thorne Journal Alternative Medicine Review at my office as THE source for naturopathic insight, with credibility written by and aimed for fellow naturopathic physicians. If there is another journal that compares to these two, then please let me know!

NDNR is a testament to what naturopathy in modern America’s new medical model can contribute and achieve.

I have used copies of NDNR as symbols of the clinical quality our office aspires to. This has been especially important for my international patient base, since these patients have not often had the exposure to progressive naturopathy. My practice has evolved in no small part to Dr. Tallman’s NDNR.”
– Phranq D. Tamburri, NMD

NDNR provides an important forum to exchange ideas about the naturopathic profession and naturopathic practice. NDNR helps unify the profession so we can progress with a common voice.”
– Kristina Conner, ND

“I read every issue of NDNR cover to cover. It has served to remind of things I may have forgotten or pushed to the back of my mind, keeps me in touch with other like-minded folks, offers me new things to ponder, and often serves to tie concepts together that I may have been struggling with. I feel NDNR is a wonderful resource!”
– Eli Camp, ND

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