AANP Compounding Pharmacy Law Needs ND Immediate Input

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Message from the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AzNMA)

The AzNMA has been working this past year to bring you up to date information via emails, Facebook, and the January 2014 AzNMA Member Meeting with Mike Corrado of Civic Center Pharmacy — with regards to the Compounding Pharmacy Bill which passed by Congress in November 2013.

Compounding Pharmacy Bill

As a result of this bill passing, the FDA is requiring extensive information about compounded drugs – and the ingredients they’re made from – if those drugs are to continue to be allowed for use.

AANP has been addressing this issue through a member Work Group headed up by Dr. Mike Cronin, but now we need input from NDs who know particular medications very well. Those medications (59 of them) are noted in the attachment.

Our submittal has to be into FDA by September 30th.

Please review the Spreadsheet of Compounding Substances in the link below, and identify which compounded drug ingredients you’re knowledgeable about.


AANP has provided a template to make the job easier…please see the Sample Compounding Template link below.

Please forward this message to any and all colleagues you feel are able to assist.

If you can assist please send name and compounding substance that you are willing to work on to:

Mike Jawr, AANP               Dr. Virginia Osborne            Cathy Stuart, Director AzNMA 

Spreadsheet of Compounding Substances

Sample Compounding Template

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