Dietary Selenium and Diabetes

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CHANGSHA, China – A cross-sectional study of middle-aged Chinese patients has found a positive correlations between dietary selenium intake and diabetes.

The study was published in February’s edition of Nutritional Journal.

Researchers show the average level of dietary selenium intake is 43.51 μg/day among middle-aged and older Chinese adults in Hunan province, China.

Selenium is an important trace element for human health, but no studies to date examined on the association of it and the percentage of diabetes in the Asian population.

Scientists at China’s Central South University in Hunan Province conducted a cross-sectional study of 5,423 people to determine the relationship between dietary selenium intake and diabetes. The basic characteristics, biochemical test results, and dietary intake were collected from each subject for analysis.

They concluded there is a significant positive correlation between dietary selenium intake and the prevalence of diabetes in the target population.
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