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Cayla M. Bronicheski, M.Sc., CCNM Student

The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) located in Toronto, Ontario, is home to the largest naturopathic medical school and teaching clinic in Canada – the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic (RSNC). With a populous CCNM community, there is no shortage of achievements that have brought great pride to the profession in 2015.

Last November, Dr. Rita Patel (ND – CCNM grad) was recognized as the one and only naturopathic doctor providing care in the Student Wellness Center at one of Ontario’s largest post-secondary institutions, McMaster University. Thanks to the new extended healthcare coverage at McMaster, university students now have easy on-campus access to a naturopathic doctor. Since many health plans cover some of the medical costs for naturopathic doctors, practicing within an educational institution or visiting a workplace can make naturopathy more accessible to the general population. There is much opportunity to follow-suit within the other Canadian post-secondary universities and colleges.

On the research front at CCNM initiated by Dr. Don Warren (ND), 2015 sparked a collaboration with Rwanda researchers to demonstrate the benefits of selenium for individuals with HIV. The 2-year RCT involved 300 patients that presented positive for HIV (without antiretroviral therapy), whereby showed a 43.8% reduction in the rate of CD4 T-cell decline (a marker of HIV progression).

While 2015 has been quite the year of achievements, the New Year has been off to a fruitful start among Mental Health Weekfaculty and students at CCNM. January brings the annual CCNM Pediatric Open House (January 22 & 23), the CCNM Business Summit (January 24), Mental Health Week (January 25-29) and CCNM Inter-professional Health Week (January 25-29).

The CCNM Pediatric Open House welcomes all caregivers and their children to learn about naturopathic medicine and the services offered at the RSNC teaching clinic. All 3rd-year interns will be present to provide a well-child check for the children in attendance and they are equipped to answer any questions around naturopathic pediatric care. I’ll be volunteering on Friday, January 22 with a fun child-friendly activity.

With Mental Health affecting a staggering number of North Americans, each year CCNM organizes a line-up of events and speakers during the annual mental health awareness week. Keynote speakers, workshops, yoga, and meditation are available free to all students and community members. For a relaxing and uplifting class, I’ll be leading yoga on Thursday, January 28.

In addition to mental health awareness week, if you are interested in learning more about naturopathic medicine and the education involved in becoming a naturopathic doctor, once per year led by the Interprofessional Education Council at CCNM, CCNM opens its campus doors to anyone desiring the opportunity to sit in on a class and receive a tour of the school. Individuals who sign up are paired with a current CCNM student to answer all of your questions. If you are interested in taking part, e-mail: [email protected].

Last but certainly not least, January brings about the annual CCNM Business Association Summit where this year, keynote speakers (Dr. Colleen McQuarrie, Dr. Nadine Cyr, Dr. Iva Llyod, Dr. Shawna Darou and Dr. Sachin Patel) will be discussing their unique approach to naturopathic business and career building successes. This year, the purpose of the conference is to help individuals discover where their strengths are within the realm of business so that each person can create a successful career in the field of naturopathy.

As the year lingers on, stay tuned for more updates within the CCNM community – 2016 will undoubtedly be as eventful as the last!


CaylaCayla is a 3rd-year student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine with a passion for research and writing. She is excited to work towards helping people care for their health when she becomes an intern at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, Toronto, ON, in May 2016. To contact Cayla personally or to learn more, visit her at: www.caylabronicheski.com


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