Massachusetts Naturopathic Doctor Licensure Update

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Dr. Amy Rothenberg ND
Dr.Paul Herscu ND, MPH

[January 13, 2013] Governor Patrick chose not to sign the ND licensure bill late last week, citing administrative concerns to be further delineated in the coming weeks. This is called a ‘pocket veto’ of a bill that had passed during a special session. It is disappointing to say the least, but we also feel that we’ve made headway. We are undeterred from reaching our goal.

Thank you for your unending support and committed efforts! We know the Governor’s office was flooded with letters, emails & calls on this issue and he knows we will be persistent. We will continue our focused effort to help make access to licensed NDs in the state of Massachusetts a reality. We will send out more info as it becomes available, so please stand by.

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