Methionine And Cancer Growth Control

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Methionine is one of eight essential amino acids, and is a substrate for homocysteine, cysteine, taurine, S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe) and polyamines. It is the only sulfur-containing enzyme and is used in other cellular processes such as cellular proliferation, and protein and RNA synthesis. It also has effects metabolically as an anabolic stimulant. In animal studies, it has been restricted from diets to mimic caloric restriction with similar physiological changes seen.

Researchers were interested to examine whether methionine restricted diets could also be used for various cancer treatments, given that many cancers are methionine dependent. Findings show that methionine restriction, without calorie restriction, may be the better option for patients. Traditionally, the calorie restriction diets can be dangerous because decreasing weight can increase risks in patients. Current theory would then support the use of methionine-restricted diets, while maintaining same or similar caloric intake. Further research needs to be done on this topic to determine whether there is a clear benefit to this type of diet, and furthermore, what levels should be followed. It should also be studied what cancer types benefit most from this type of diet if any.

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