Microorganisms in the Womb Can Set the Stage for Diseases

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Researchers out of Cleveland, Ohio, published “The Microbiome and Childhood Diseases,” a special issue of the Birth Defects Research Part C EmbryoToday scientific journal. They underscore the importance of the microbiome in the womb and how when the environment is disturbed, that effects the baby later in life. This study was an overview of other reviews.

The researchers found that the baby’s microbiota is already developing in the womb and, therefore, everyone needs to be aware of the mother’s microbiome as well as the baby’s. They warn that interference using standard medical practices could interfere with normal development of children’s immune, metabolic, and neurologic systems.

One researcher said, “Disturbed microbiota could potentially contribute to a wide range of childhood diseases including allergies, asthma, obesity, and autism-like neurodevelopmental conditions.” Ways to promote healthy development of the microbiome include vaginal birth, skin-to-skin contact following birth and breastfeeding. These same practices have been suggested for psychosocial, metabolic and immunologic benefits for full-term and premature infants for years and now there is another reason.

The researchers said they are just scratching the surface.

For more information, read the full study.


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