Once in a Lifetime Experience for Healthcare Practitioners: ParticipAid’s 2019 Nepal Global Health Experience

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(PORTLAND, OR.) May 25, 2019—ParticipAid  is excited to announce their annual flagship program – the 2019 Nepal Global Health Experience – and invite candidates to sign up now for early access to the application process. Program participants will visit heritage sites in the capital of Kathmandu and live alongside the local people they’ll serve in the hillside village of Karmidanda.

Trip details:

  • November 1 – 12, 2019
  • Applications open to short list on June 8, 2019
  • Applications open to general public, if needed, on June 15, 2019.
  • Accepting 8 participants by application
  • 10 CE credits pending for NDs
  • Specific needs: Practitioners skilled in body work / physical therapy with skill in treating women’s health and chronic pain conditions.

ParticipAid has assembled a team of physician teachers from the US and Nepal to guide participants through a unique and rewarding educational and clinical global health experience. This service learning trip is designed with naturopathic doctors and nurses in mind, though practitioners and students of all disciplines are invited to apply. “We were greeted with such open arms and tradition in Karmidanda” recalls Dr. Heather Friedman, a past participant. “I came out of the experience a stronger practitioner and traveler and hope I get to travel back soon.”

In 2018, ParticipAid’s team of local and foreign practitioners treated more than 500 patients, and intends to top that in 2019. “We’ve worked hard to ensure these trips are a truly valuable experience for all involved” says ParticipAid’s Executive Director, Dr. Erin Moore. “Each year is better than the last, and this year will be no exception!” Dr. Moore has worked with this community for almost a decade, and expects a lot of interest for this trip. Visit their website http://particip-aid.org/2019-nepal-global-health-experience to learn more and sign up for the short list to get early access to the application process.

ParticipAid is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve rural healthcare in Nepal.  They stand out amongst other organizations because they place the beneficiaries of their work in positions with decision making power.

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