December 2006 | Neurology

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Neurofeedback Retrains the Brain

John Dye, ND

Addictive Tendencies in ADD/ADHD
David M Brady, DC, ND, CCN, DACBN
A multitude of studies suggest that ADD/ADHD is associated with significant dysfunction in brain activity.

Primum Non Nocere
The Orthomolecular Treatment of Schizophrenia
Jonathan E. Prous ky, ND, FRSH

Naturopathic Perspective
Reprogramming Patients with Naturopathic Philosophy
Arlan Cage, ND, Lac
Help patients understand the root causes of their health conditions.

Tolle Causam
Hypochlorhydria and Homocysteine in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Gene Bowman, ND
Alzheimer’s disease, neurocognitive testing and rationale for clinical investigations. Case Study: Neuro-Endocrine Imbalance (Heidi Hook, ND): Assessing and treating pediatric OCD.

Tolle Totem
David Arneson, ND
A disease of the body, mind and spirit.

Botanical Insights
Shosaiko-to Formula for Epilepsy
Eric Yarnell, ND, RH(AHG)
Shosaiko-to formula and its variants may help improve epilepsy management.

Similar Thought
A Case of Neuropathy
Joe Kellerstein, DC, ND
See the patient, not the pathology.

Naturopathic News
Find Out What’s Happening in the Naturopathic Medical Community

The Green Corner
Discussing the Impacts of Environmental Contaminants on Human Health
Mitch Kennedy, ND
Air pollution and its effect on fetal development; arsenic levels in packaged and fast-food poultry.

Laboratory Medicine
Lab Work for Metabolic Syndrome, Continued
Shaida Sina, ND
Using laboratory medicine to help diagnose patients.

Medical Resources for NDs
Stacie Deyglio, ND
A review of current publications for the naturopathic industry.

Science vs. Nature and the Naturopathic Field
David Schleich, PhD
A continuing series.

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