May 2008 | Oncology

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Primum Non Nocere

Enhancing Metastatic Inefficiency
Dugald Seely, ND

OncANP Report

Stress Management Interventions and Breast Cancer
Laura A. James, ND
A review of current literature.

Acupuncture as Treatment for Hot Flashes
Catherine Price, NMD, MSAc and Robert F. Waters, PhD
Clinical trials show acupuncture to be effective for treating various side effects of breast cancer treatments.

Mitochondria Rescue: Heals Cancer?
Neil McKinney, BSc, ND
Scientific research offers various agents that can support mitochondrial recovery for the treatment of cancer.

Mushrooms and Grape Seeds in Breast Cancer Prevention
Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO
The potential use of these foods as aromatase inhibitors.


The Benefits of IV Vitamin C
Michael Um, ND
Research on the use of IV vitamin C as therapy for cancer, with three case studies.

Tolle Totem

Viscum album as Treatment for Cancer
Elena Krasnov, ND
Details about mistletoe and its benefits as cancer therapy.

The Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS)
Dicken Weatherby, ND and Donald R. Yance, CN, MH, RH(AHG)
A guide for developing personalized treatment regimens for patients with chronic illness and cancer.

Addressing Underlying Causes of Cancer
Robert Van Horlick, ND
A discussion of the contributing factors and a naturopathic response.

Botanical Insights

Dicentra spp: Remembering a Forgotten Medicine
Eric Yarnell, ND and Lauren Russel, ND
Historical uses of Dicentra and its application today.

Naturopathic News

Message from the President
Bob Bernhardt, CCNM
A rotating column from the presidents of naturopathic medical colleges.

What’s Happening in the Naturopathic Medical Community

Similar Thought

Never Settle for Just the Complaint
Joe Kellerstein, DC, ND
A case study reinforces why physicians should always take the whole case.


Making a Case
David Schleich, PhD
Building institutional research capacity in our naturopathic colleges and university programs.

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