July 2009 | Pain Medicine

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Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Treating Chronic Inflammation From an Ayurvedic perspective
Virender Sodhi, ND, MD (Ayurved)

Maternal Care: Naturopathic Labor Induction
Lisa Doran, ND
Use of homeopathy as a tool to initiate labor.

A Case of B-Cell Lymphoma Treated With Viscum Album
Beverly Huang, ND
Case study demonstrates positive results from use of this botanical preparation.

Homeopathic Research and Treatment of Fibromyalgia
June Riedlinger, RPh, PharmD, ND; Dana Ullman, MPH

Naturopathic Perspective
Elegance in Pain Management
Tom Grodski, ND
The allure of standardization to encourage a balance between simplicity and effectiveness.

Tolle Totem
A Mixed Modalities Approach to Treatment of Pain
L. Susan Andersen, ND, LAc
Combining acupuncture and osteopathic techniques to relieve pain, particularly for geriatric patients.

Primum Non Nocere
Diagnostic Imaging for Musculoskeletal Concerns
Sam Russo, ND
A look at ultrasound’s effectiveness, and its comparison with MRI or MR arthrography.

Similar Thought
Insight From the Doctor as a Patient
Joe Kellerstein, DC, ND
Are we teaching students what they need to know?

Naturopathic News
Association Spotlight: TXANP: A rotating column highlighting ND organizations and licensure efforts.

What’s Happening in the Naturopathic Medical Community

Botanical Insights
Using Low-Dose Herbs to Treat Pain
Robin DiPasquale, ND, RH(AHG)
Applying botanicals specifically geared toward the etiology of the pain (e.g., spastic, neurological, hormonal, etc.) can determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

Past Pearls
The Perils of Pain
Sussanna Czeranko, ND
How our leaders of the past helped patients with their painful presenting conditions.

Seven Programs in Search of a Strategy
David Schleich, PhD
Threats and opportunities in the decade ahead for naturopathic medical education. A continuing series.

Medical Resources for NDs
Stacie Deyglio, ND
A review of current publications for the naturopathic industry.

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