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See the value in seeing an ND
James Maskell, CEO, Revive

Over the last two years, in this column we have looked at a number of proven marketing strategies for the modern naturopathic clinic. The strategy I will outline this month is new, but it is already being used effectively by holistic clinics all across the country.

The first time I heard about it was at a practice development seminar I spoke at called, “Heal Thy Practice,” for primary care doctors interested in developing a concierge model. One doctor in particular followed this system, filled a movie theater with 200 people, and signed 64 new patients to his cash-only concierge practice that night, in rural Indiana. We have already tried it with some of our private coaching clients in other parts of the country, also with great results.

To “sell” new patients, you have to help them see the value in seeing an ND, which takes transference of feeling. Movies do a great job of this, and with a little bit of support, organization, and follow up, they can help play a role that most NDs feel somewhat uncomfortable doing.

Furthermore, by taking initiative to do something of value for your community, you receive rewards far beyond what you put in, not only financial, but also in terms of personal growth.

There are a number of reasons why hosting a movie screening is easier to pull off and more likely to bring in new patients than ever before.
1. Amazing new movies on alternative medicine. These have a slant on the dysfunction of the American medical system. And many more are on the way!

  • Escape Fire — Very well put together; looks at problems with the system and integrative approaches.
  • Under Our Skin – Lyme disease specific, less holistic focus, but good at revitalizing the dark forces at work in medicine.
  • Doctored – Chiropractic specific movie — Looks at the history of chiropractic abuse from the AMA.
  • The Greater — Very well put together movie on vaccines and pediatric health.

2. Websites designed to make it easy to sell tickets. Plus, you get e-mail addresses of all the attendees, adding to your list!

  • – This service is great for collection money for tickets; used to sell millions of tickets.
  • – Specific site for filling movie screenings at movie theaters.

3. More likely venues. With the drastic reduction in prices of large, flat-screen TVs and projector technology, almost anywhere can be turned into your movie screening room:

  • Your clinic
  • A local university, college, school
  • Social clubs, organizations, and churches
  • Small, local movie theaters
  • Larger theaters

Step-by Step-Guide to Pulling Off A Movie Screening

1. Plan the event:

  • 30-90 days ahead planning time
  • Relevant to your practice positioning
  • Confirm a venue, the film, and the screening rights

2. Find relevant partners:

  • Other practitioners
  • National organizations
  • Local businesses and organizations
  • Quality local restaurants and groceries

3. Set up your ticket sales system:

  • or
  • Include it in a blog post, with more info about why you are doing it

4. Train your Staff:

  • Prepare them to answer questions
  • Incentivize them to sell tickets

5. Engage your marketing engine:

  • E-mail newsletter
  • Social media
  • In-practice and community flyers
  • Contact local press
  • Patient reactivation calling campaign

6. Execute event:

  • Introduce yourself and share your passion for your work
  • Let the film play its part
  • Set up Q&A for patients after the event (even a panel discussion)
  • Present a special offer to become a patient
  • Follow up

We look forward to hearing about your event. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

James Maskell is CEO of Revive NYC, a Brooklyn-based digital media, practice development, and branding company that helps holistic practitioners bring their message to life. To connect with Revive, please visit:

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