Klaire Labs Announces Partnership with Winclove Probiotics

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Companies co-present research; collaborate on new probiotic formula for mood

Reno, NV—(Nov 14, 2017) – Winclove Probiotics, in strategic partnership with Klaire Labs (SFI USA), recently hosted a research poster session at the 2017 Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine Conference in San Diego, titled “The Gut-Brain Axis: Using Probiotics to Improve Mood.” The multi-strain probiotic studied, Ecologic® Barrier, demonstrated healthy gut barrier function support with improved cognitive reactivity and mood as evidenced in both pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Ongoing research into the gut-brain axis highlights the collaboration between Klaire Labs and Winclove Probiotics, with the ultimate goal of developing and commercializing synergistic probiotics with proven mechanisms of action and established clinical efficacy. Klaire Labs has been named as the exclusive practitioner brand for Ecologic Barrier® in the United States and plans to release its brand Target gb-X in early 2018.

“The partnership with Winclove Probiotics allows us to bring an innovative probiotic combination to market that is one of the first of its kind to demonstrate direct clinical efficacy through the mechanisms of the gut-brain axis,” said Jeremy Appleton, ND, Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at Klaire Labs. “We believe this breakthrough formulation will serve as a safe and natural approach to help better treat patients struggling with mood-related concerns.”

In advance of the formal launch, Klaire Labs plans to conduct a user experience trial for Target gb-X with Ecologic Barrier beginning in Q4 2017. For more information on this program, how to participate, or to receive a copy of the AIHM poster contact: Pam Conboy, Klaire Labs Global Brand Manager.

About Klaire Labs: Klaire Labs has been formulating and manufacturing premium, hypoallergenic supplements sold through healthcare practitioners for nearly half a century. Our mission is to develop and manufacture the purest, most potent nutraceuticals possible, thereby empowering clinicians with consistently reliable performance. Klaire Labs is located in Reno, NV. It is owned by Soho Flordis International, a privately held nutraceutical company based in Sydney, Australia.

About Winclove Probiotics: Winclove has over 25 years of experience in researching, developing and manufacturing evidence based probiotics. The company offers an extensive portfolio ranging from probiotics for traditional gastrointestinal disorders to innovative mental health solutions. Through close collaboration with customers, thought leaders and research institutes worldwide, Winclove combines knowledge and experience with a passion for innovation to deliver unmatched probiotics to the market. The company is committed to transforming lives of patients with probiotics developed through innovative microbiome science.

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