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Microbiome and probiotic company offers consumers the first DNA sequencing analysis to measure both bacteria and fungus in the digestive tract

BIOHM, a probiotic company guided by the cutting edge research of Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D., MBA, FIDSA, is officially launching the BIOHM Gut Report Kit, the most comprehensive digestive tract microbiome sequencing test that has ever been available to consumers.

As the only sequencing service to offer a specific breakdown of both the bacteria and fungi species in the digestive tract, BIOHM’s Gut Report Kit offers the most comprehensive microbiome testing on the market.  The report also illustrates the specific levels of present strains and compares them to normal levels as established by the National Institutes of Health’s Human Microbiome Project data, and Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Medical Mycology. Sequencing is conducted at state-of-the-art laboratories in partnership with Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Medical Mycology. (See sample Gut Report.)

“With the BIOHM Gut Report, we’re allowing consumers to understand what is going on in their digestive system, with unprecedented microbiome insights that have previously not been available to consumers,” said Dr. Ghannoum. “There is a great deal of awareness that the gut plays a critical role in our overall health and wellness. We want to take some of the guesswork out of elimination diets, lifestyle changes, and methods toward reducing digestive challenges and symptoms.”

BIOHM emphasizes their role is not to diagnose conditions, only to offer information on the types of microorganisms and levels present. Still, the sequencing provides a telling picture to Dr. Ghannoum and his team. “It is fascinating how much these reports can tell us. For example, just looking to the results we can often surmise the types of foods they are including or eliminating from their diets.”

Earlier this year, BIOHM launched the first probiotic engineered to address the critical role of fungi in digestive health, combining beneficial fungi along with beneficial bacteria and a key enzyme scientifically shown to break through digestive plaque.  BIOHM also offers a prebiotic product, a colon cleanse product, and will be soon be launching a children’s chewable probiotic.

“We consider ourselves to be more of a microbiome company than a probiotic company, as we want to remain on the helm of research and sequencing methodologies when it comes to understanding, and optimizing not only our microbiomes, but our overall health,” noted Afif Ghannoum, CEO of PathoBiome, the makers of BIOHM. “The entire microbiome – comprised of fungi and bacteria – is finally getting the proper attention it deserves with respect to its role in digestive health and overall wellness. We are thrilled to be able to convert that knowledge into products that support health and improve the lives of or our customers.”

Available online BIOHM’s Gut Report Kit retails for $180 with a one-time purchase or $117.00 with a quarterly subscription of their probiotic. However, the BIOHM Gut Report is free when purchased with a bi-annual or annual BIOHM Probiotic subscription, an unprecedented move in the genetic sequencing industry. “We wanted to show consumers that when it comes to both innovation and value, the BIOHM Gut Report is unparalleled.”

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Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D., MBA, FIDSA, joined Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in 1996 from his prior position at the UCLA School of Medicine. As the acclaimed scientist who named the mycobiome (the body’s fungal community), Dr. Ghannoum has spent his entire academic career studying medically important fungi and the major causes of fungal infections.

He published more than 400 peer-reviewed articles and has been cited 16,000 times by other scientists. Dr. Ghannoum lectures to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has been a NIH-funded researcher since 1993 with $25 million in funding to date.

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