Can I take nutritional supplements during my cancer treatments?

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Dr. Nalini Chilkov

The answer is both YES and NO. Some nutrients and supplements offer support and may even reduce some toxic effects, while others may interfere with your treatments. Knowledge and guidance are required. Of course you should fully inform and discuss with your doctor and have an expert in nutritional and herbal medicine who also understands drug-nutrient and drug-herb interactions, along with interactions with radiation therapy, hormonal therapies and surgeries on your team to educate you and your physician.

The following nutrients support normal healthy function during this stressful time and generally do not interfere with your treatments with professional guidance and supervision. These supplements offer you support and protect healthy cells and healthy function during the stress and challenge of cancer treatments and cancer recovery.

  • A high potency multivitamin  (Iron Free and Copper Free)
  • Vitamin D3
  • Probiotics/Acidophilus
  • Vitamin C in moderation
  • Fish Oils (EPA DHA) in moderation
  • Curcumin -high quality fat soluble
  • Resveratrol (trans resveratrol)
  • Immune Enhancing Adaptogens :Ganoderma (Reishi), Cordyceps, Astragalus, Schizandra, Rhodiola
  • Magnesium (glycinate or malate are best choices for enhanced absorption)
  • Concentrated fruit and vegetable concentrates  (Greens and Reds Powders)
  • Protein Supplements and Powders from Whey or  Dairy Free Pea Protein (for shakes and smoothies)
  • Fiber Powders or Flax Seed Meal
  • Amino Acids Glutamine and Carnitine and Branch Chain Amino Acids

Stay Safe: Check with your doctor first and all during your treatment as things can change along the way.

Dr. Nalini Chilkov L.Ac.O.M.D. will be speaking for Designs For Health on

Integrative Cancer Care: Optimizing the Biological Terrain and Supporting Healthy Function

Seminar Objectives:

  • Cancer is a metabolic process that develops within a complex biological environment. Dr. Chilkov will review the unique differences between healthy cells and cancer cells.
  • Strategies will be provided for modulating immune function, supporting overall health and for managing the bioterrain to prevent the development, growth and spread of cancer cells with the targeted use of nutritional and botanical therapies.
  • Examples of an integrative multidisciplinary team approach will be presented to demonstrate that the inclusion of a functional medicine plan in collaboration and coordination with conventional oncology treatment during all stages of cancer care may protect and support normal healthy function and enhance quality of life for cancer patients and cancer survivors.


Upcoming Seminar Series Dates:

San Francisco, CA 3/1/14

Dallas, TX 3/22/14

New York City, NY 4/5/14

Orlando, FL 4/12/14

Phoenix,  AZ 4/26/14

Los Angeles, CA 5/17/14

Seattle, WA 6/7/14

Chicago, IL 10/18/14

San  Diego, CA 10/25/14

To Register:

ChilkovDr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D. is a leading edge authority in the field of Integrative Cancer Care, Cancer Prevention and Immune Enhancement. She is the Founder of where she offers online programs and resources that empower and transform. Dr. Chilkov brings over 30 years of clinical experience combining the best of Modern Functional Medicine with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Oriental and Natural Healing. She is a highly respected expert in her field, a frequent speaker at conferences, educational institutions and a trusted resource to the media.

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