First Ever Double-Blind Human-Ingestion Study on Nano Silver

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American Biotech Labs (ABL) has just released what is believed to be the first ever human-ingestion safety study on both a silver supplement, and also a nano-particle. The published abstract for the study states that ingestion of the patented ABL nano-silver particle showed no negative effects on any tested system in the body.

The study included 3-, 7-, and 14-day exposures to American Biotech Labs 10-ppm (15 ml/day) silver solution in a double-blind, placebo controlled, cross-over phase design. Healthy volunteer subjects (36, 12 per each time-exposure), underwent complete metabolic, blood and platelet count, urinalysis tests, sputum hyperresponsiveness and inflammation evaluation, physical examinations, vital sign measurements, and magnetic resonance imaging of the chest and abdomen at baseline and at the end of each phase.

“We are very pleased with the results, and we believe it will help ease people’s minds about the safety of our nano-silver products,” said Keith Moeller, A Managing Director at ABL. “The full report shows that our unique nano-silver particle hits its apex in the blood within two hours, and clears the body within just 24 hours after ingestion. As a prelim to the study, I volunteered to be checked for silver deposition in my body, after 15+ years of almost daily usage as a supplement to help boost my immune system. No silver residue was found anywhere in my system. We are always working hard to gain knowledge about silver. Because of this, we have now amassed a library of more than 300 major reports, studies and test series, all completed on our nano-silver technology by more than 60 different universities, government/military labs, and private institutions.”

In conclusion the report stated, “The In-vivo oral exposure of a commercial 10-ppm silver nano-particle solution over 3-, 7-, and 14-day exposures does not exhibit clinically important changes in metabolic, hematologic, urine, vital sign changes, physical findings or imaging changes visualized by MRI.” ABL has also completed an additional human-ingestion study on its 32-ppm product, which includes cytochrome P-450 enzyme tests as well. Both full studies are in peer-review and should be released soon.

For more information, contact American Biotech Labs at 801-756-1000 or see the full copy of the published abstract at

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