GENESTRA BRANDS™ Launches HMF Fit for School Children’s Probiotic

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Toronto, ON, November 17, 2015 – Upper respiratory infections, including the common cold, occur frequently among children, who typically develop three to eight infections per year1. GENESTRA BRANDS™, a trusted Seroyal® brand offering safe, effective, and reliable natural health products backed by clinical and traditional evidence, is introducing HMF Fit for School, a children’s probiotic that helps to reduce incidence of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI).

“The fall and winter seasons bring changing leaves, holiday celebrations and outdoor fun in the snow, but they also mean potentially new immune challenges,” said Yves Yau, president, Seroyal International. “We’re excited to offer HMF Fit for School to help combat seasonal infections, and we are pleased that this product has over 10 licensed claims.”Genestra_HMF Fit for School_CAN Image_11.17.15

HMF Fit for School includes a combination of research-driven probiotic strains and vitamin C that helps to reduce incidence of URTI symptoms in children. It also helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, and in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums.

In a recent clinical trial, 57 schoolchildren were randomized to receive either a placebo tablet or HMF Fit for School’s probiotic formula plus 50 mg of vitamin C daily for 6 months. Children in the probiotic plus vitamin C group had 33 percent less incidence of URTI, a significant decrease in the number of days with URTI symptoms, and a 30-percent decrease in school absenteeism2.

HMF Fit for School also includes 1000 IU of vitamin D per tablet to provide complimentary immune support3. Gluten-free and dairy-free, HMF Fit for School is available in a convenient chewable tablet with a delicious natural blackcurrant flavour.

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GENESTRA BRANDS™ , a trusted brand of Seroyal®, a business unit of Atrium Innovations Inc. supports individualized treatment plans with more than 400 professional-grade nutraceutical products in a variety of formats. For more than 28 years, Genestra products have been proven safe, effective, and reliable, backed by clinical or traditional evidence. Genestra Brands is headquartered in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada. For additional information, please visit


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