Giving The Gift of Health This Holiday Season

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US BioTek Is working with its practitioner network to provide free testing to those in need this holiday season

Shoreline, WA, Nov. 10th— US BioTek Laboratories is working with its network of practitioners to provide free testing to those in need this holiday season.

US BioTek believes that better health comes through better testing, and that income level should not prohibit an individual’s ability to get the information they need to make informed health decisions.

Now through December 31st, 2021 US BioTek will be working with its network of practitioners to supply free food sensitivity tests to clinics around North America who provide care for those in underserved populations. You can take part in giving the gift of health by purchasing a 96 Food Sensitivity Panel for 50% off, US BioTek will match the invested amount for the test and distribute the kits to the receiving clinics.

“The pandemic has hit communities across the country in unprecedented ways over the past 2 years, hitting our low-income communities especially hard. We want to ensure that these underserved communities have access to the healthcare and the testing results they need to make informed decisions to improve their health and overall wellbeing. Together we can provide a means to better health that can positively impact our communities.”

-Jack Frausing, CEO of US BioTek Laboratories

US BioTek is looking to support clinics across North America. Clinics and practices can apply to receive Gift of Health prepaid tests to support their efforts at

US BioTek Laboratories

US BioTek Laboratories is an industry-leading international laboratory that pioneers testing methods that deliver quality results with the highest degree of reproducibility. US BioTek provides the most comprehensive food and inhalant allergy and sensitivity testing along with the most convenient collection method for organic acids and environmental pollutants tests utilizing dried urine.

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