Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center Announces Revamped Clinical Program to Address Gut Health Challenges

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WOODSTOCK, IL—Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center (LMRC), a hub of clinical tools and resources for functional medicine practitioners, is thrilled to announce the newly revamped Pillars of GI Health Program. As new research continues to build around functional medicine approaches to gastrointestinal health, the program has been updated to reflect these findings in clinically relevant ways. Plus, in addition to a suite of print resources included in the program, practitioners who purchase the program will get exclusive access to a digital onboarding portal that provides a step-by-step process to implementing and marketing the program to current and prospective patients.

“At LMRC, our focus has always been to provide clinical programs and resources based on established research, not just what we think will work or the latest trends,” said Josiah Bartz, business development manager at LMRC. “The revamp of the Pillars of GI Health Program embodies our commitment to our practitioner community—that we will continue to take the guesswork out of functional medicine practice with research-backed and easy-to-implement programs.”

This program is being re-released at a time when awareness of gut health and GI-related conditions, like SIBO and IBD, are at an all-time high. Functional medicine practitioners and their patients will benefit from the updated information included in all the resources, plus new patient education resources focused on dysbiosis, IBD and SIBO.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished with the updated Pillars of GI Health Program,” said Dr. Vincent Pedre, who serves as Clinical Expert for the program and advised on several of the resources. “The program will help functional medicine practitioners niche in this increasingly prevalent area of care, and deliver up-to-date information and protocols that will help their patients overcome debilitating gastrointestinal disorders.”

Functional medicine practitioners implementing the Pillars of GI Health Program will become the go-to experts in their communities as patients seek guidance for finding relief from their GI issues. To learn more about the Pillars of GI Health Program, visit the LMRC website.

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