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Cholester-X Plus(Phoenix, Arizona) – The Prescribed Choice line of professional supplements is being redesigned for the healthcare market with new formulations and a new look.

Of the 53 products in its portfolio, 18 products have been discontinued, four are being reformulated and eight new products will be added over the next quarter, said Gary Goldstein, business manager for the Prescribed Choice (PC) line. The make-over includes a new logo along with redesigned labels and product catalog.

“We are expanding our line of anti-oxidants, which now includes Co-Q 10 in three strengths, grape seed, quercetin and resveratrol, with a krill-oil based astaxanthin/Omega-3/Co-Q 10 supplement, plus a product that combines pterostilbene and resveratrol,” Goldstein noted. “In addition, we are adding ForsLean® (coleus forskohlii) to our existing weight management set of fucoxanthin, hoodia gordnii, and a phospholipid based nutraceutical that addresses weight gain derived from high cortisol levels. Plus, we are going to complement our enteric-coated Omega-3 product with a high-potency Omega-3 fish oil that’s equivalent to the generic on the market – offering 980 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per softgel.”

Also enhancing the PC line will be a liquid nutraceutical formulated with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, macro and trace minerals from sea vegetables in a raspberry flavor, designed to support digestive and immune health, and aid in detoxification. Another addition is a combination of Calcium Carbonate and Vitamin D3 in powdered form, available in easy-carry individual packets for mixing with beverages or foods.

Core products undergoing reformulation include Diabetrix Plus, Inflameric Plus, and Stress Defense (with an amino acid complex), as the company updates the portfolio employing new research in the field.

Prescribed Choice is manufactured by Olympian Labs of Phoenix, Arizona, established in 1992 as a supplement supplier with a focus on sports nutrition. It was recently purchased by Besins Healthcare of Bangkok, Thailand, and is led by David Besins and Nicholas Besins as co-CEOs.

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