Vital Nutrients Trademarks Ultra Pure Fish Oil

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Vital Nutrients has officially been granted trademark for its Ultra Pure Fish Oil products from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Ultra Pure Fish Oils are sourced from highly sustainably-caught fish naturally low in toxins and refined through triple molecular distillation, which removes impurities without any chemical solvents. Each batch is tested to verify accurate levels of fatty acids and ensure that high levels of dangerous contaminants, such as heavy metals, rancidity markers, PCBs and dioxins are not present.

The Vital Nutrients Ultra Pure Fish Oil line features 8 unique options with a variety of dosing options, EPA/DHA ratios, and sizes.

About Vital Nutrients

Vital Nutrients leads the industry in Quality Assurance by extensively testing every batch of raw material and finished product at accredited U.S. laboratories. Vital Nutrients is an American-owned company manufacturing a line of over 200 pharmaceutical-grade supplements in the USA at an FDA-Inspected facility.

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