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Awards First Brett Saks Scholarship

Maria Zangara, a third year doctoral candidate at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, was awarded the first Brett Sacks Scholarship from the Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI).
Zangara, who will graduate from UBCNM in 2012 with a doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine and a complimentary degree in Acupuncture, was provided with an all-expense-paid seat at the Institute for Human Individuality’s 5th bi-annual conference and certification held at the Dolce Center in Norwalk on May 20-22nd.
Students from accredited medical colleges were eligible to apply and required to submit a 2,000 word article detailing polymorphic influence on digestive function. Zangara’s essay, The Digestion and Absorption of Fats, was selected from several applicants based on the depth of her research and clear understanding of the subject matter.
The Brett Saks Scholarship was established to honor IfHI founding member, Dr.  Brett Sacks, a Naturopathic physician whose life was cut short while training for a 600 mile charity bike ride from San Francisco to San Diego, California.
The prime goal of The Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI), founded by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, is fostering education and research in the expanding area of human nutrigenomics and epigenetics. These emerging sciences seek to provide a molecular understanding of the effects of common dietary chemicals on health by altering the expression, or structure, of an individual’s genetic makeup.
Hailed by the renowned glycobiologist Gerhard Uhlenbruck as “one of the most creative scientists in the Western World,” Peter D’Adamo is a true polymath: physician, author, researcher, educator, composer, and software developer. He is widely considered an authority on human polymorphisms and their use in the individualization of nutritional and pharmacologic therapy.

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