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how does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

The power of naturopathic medicine lies in its governing principles. These are the principles set naturopathy apart, and that Diagnos-Techs strives to uphold.

Primum non nocere. We are passionate about noninvasive testing and the promise that it holds. By making the process less painful, less stressful, and more convenient, we make it possible to obtain more information for more patients.

Tolle causam. We offer physicians powerful tools to assess and understand functional measures of health. Accurate, quality testing is our top priority.

Tolle totum. Our noninvasive testing often makes it possible to have a more comprehensive picture of the whole person beyond what is available with standard testing. For example, our Adrenal Stress Index measures salivary cortisol four times throughout the day instead of once. This can reveal subtle differences.

Docere. We support the education of our physicians with our newsletter and webinars covering a wide variety of medical topics. We support physicians with information to educate their patients. Our team consists of both NDs and MDs who offer complementary consultations to providers on choosing the right test, interpreting results, and possible treatment options, all with a holistic approach in mind.

Prevention. Our passion drives us to be pioneers in the field of laboratory testing. We are constantly exploring new, innovative biomarkers in order to help identify risk factors, prevent disease, and restore wellness.

Our dedication to our patients extends to our priority for fostering a healthy environment, and we actively take steps to reduce waste and employ recycling practices.

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