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how does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

Labrix Clinical Services, at its core, is firmly based in the principles of Naturopathic medicine, as evidenced by co-founder and CEO, and Naturopathic physician Erin Lommen, ND.  Labrix’ highly expert clinical support staff is also comprised of four Naturopathic physicians. Because Labrix is committed to educating Practitioners throughout the USA and around the world in the successful identification and treatment of functional neuroendocrine imbalances which are not detected through routine conventional laboratory, the interpretation of the results is nearly as important as the results themselves. It is here that our laboratory distinguishes itself; our educational outreach utilizes principles and practices of Naturopathic medicine. In our treatment guidance, which accompanies reports and is the basis for the technical phone support, we emphasize helping the body heal itself through precise identification of imbalances. Next, we offer substantial resources for the Practitioner, which outline and document the efficacy and general practices in the use of natural medicines (nutrition, botanical medicine, nutriceuticals, bio-identical hormones, lifestyle changes), to correct these imbalances.  In essence, the very basis of the Lab’s philosophy and educational outreach springs forth from the wisdom of Naturopathic medicine. Labrix is committed to functional medicine and supports providers and patients through accurate, reliable and fast test results. Innovation and streamlined business processes are also benchmarks of Labrix’ success; with thousands of providers depending on all departments at the Laboratory to ensure success and advance the field of Neuroendocrine balancing.  Labrix was founded by clinicians, for clinicians, to fulfill each practitioners need for precision, reliability and excellence. We also stand firmly behind our Clinicians by providing current research (bibliographies) and in-depth resources (treatment guidelines) to advance the practices in this field.

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