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As the last few weeks of 2012 roll around, it is a natural time to start to look at the successes and failures of the year so far and to put plans in place to build on that foundation to improve your practice in 2013. So if you had to write a report card for your practice in 2012, how did you do?

• Was your appointment book as full as you wanted it to be?
• What conditions or patient(s) did you have the best results with?
• Did you get enough time off with your friends and family?
• Did you move significantly toward your vision for your practice?

This year, we at Revive have been trying to find ways to make it easy for you to take real steps towards your vision, and we are excited to launch one of those tools for our NDNR readers.

My wife Rachel has, for the last four years, been the linchpin of Revive. She runs all of our client website and marketing projects and is always thinking about better ways to help practitioners get clarity over how their business runs and the direction they really want to go. This tends to be the sticking point for most NDs. As well as running Revive, Rachel is a dedicated yogi and advocate of naturopathic medicine.

In her e-book, 7 Steps to Aligning your Business, Rachel takes each of the seven chakras and applies a business principle to it. For example, the first chakra is the root, and the equivalent business principle is your “tribe,” those who you serve, who should be at the root of everything that you do in the new economy. Gone are the days of “setting up shop” and waiting for patients to show up. The new paradigm focuses on serving a tribe effectively.
So please take a moment to download the e-book. It is extremely manageable in size and might be something nice to meditate on over the crazy holiday period that most of us face. I say most of us, as Rachel and I are currently in South Africa, looking after my parents and getting away from it all.

You can download the free e-book at the following link.
Please let us know how you have found it useful!

JamesMaskellJames Maskell is CEO of Revive NYC, a Brooklyn-based digital media, practice development, and branding company that helps holistic practitioners bring their message to life. To connect with Revive, please visit:

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