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LEWISVILLE, TX – LifeSeasons®, a pioneer and leader in condition-specific nutraceutical supplements, is taking its clinical research initiatives and commitment to science to a new level. LifeSeasons will be conducting clinical studies to support the efficacy of its products over the next year and beyond. Gathering more product-specific clinical research data will be a significant focus for the company moving forward.

LifeSeasons is stepping up efforts to provide proprietary scientific support

“LifeSeasons supplements are formulated using scientifically proven and potent ingredients, but with consumers increasingly seeking transparency and clinical research results, we are stepping up our efforts to provide proprietary scientific support,” said Darrin Peterson, founder and CEO of LifeSeasons. “These investigative studies will allow us to build greater trust with our consumers, as well as provide them with proven and safe alternatives to pharma-based health products.”

LifeSeasons began clinical research activity last year in the country of Grenada

Inspired to expand their mission, LifeSeasons began clinical research activity last year in the country of Grenada, located in Southeastern Caribbean. It plans to conduct additional studies in the near future on its newest and best-selling products including Anxie-T™, a stress support supplement, Neuro-T™, a brain focus support supplement, Choles-T®, a cholesterol support supplement, and Glucose Stabili-T, a blood sugar management supplement.

A clinical study is taking place in Grenada on LifeSeasons Glucose Stabili-T product

Currently, a clinical study is taking place in Grenada on LifeSeasons Glucose Stabili-T product. Grenada has a population which is documented to have a high-risk diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome. LifeSeasons partnered with both the Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF), a non-profit organization that promotes health and well-being through research and education, as well as the Ministry of Health in Grenada. Together, they are conducting the first-ever triple-blind placebo-controlled study investigating the efficacy of LifeSeasons blood sugar support supplement Glucose Stabili-T.

“The small island of Grenada has struggled to combat diabetes, and it has taken a major toll on this independent island country,” said Jamie Langston, Chief Research Officer at LifeSeasons. “We are looking forward to the results of this study later this year, and are thrilled to enter this partnership to benefit the population of Grenada.”

LifeSeasons believes in the value and importance of scientific research, and its long-term mission is to validate each product it formulates. To learn more about LifeSeasons and its continued commitment to research and science, visit

About LifeSeasons®

LifeSeasons, founded in 2009, is a pioneer and supplier of custom condition-specific nutraceutical supplements supported by science. Darrin Peterson, Founder and CEO, created the company based on his passion for empowering people to live life to its fullest potential by starting with good health. From the beginning, LifeSeasons has been providing formulas created with clinically-tested, bioavailable ingredients. The formulas work together synergistically to deliver safe and effective potent solutions to address a wide range of health concerns. LifeSeasons is committed to blending the wisdom of nature with cutting-edge science by utilizing a naturopathic approach to create high quality, scientifically-validated health solutions. LifeSeasons believes Nature Works. Science Proves it™. Visit to learn more.


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