Ortho Molecular Products Introduces a New High Potency Fish Oil

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440Ortho Molecular Products announced the re-launch of its flagship fish oil supplement, Orthomega, now with a higher concentration of 820mgs of EPA and DHA per softgel capsule.

Chicago, IL October 1, 2013- Orthomega has long been the most trusted source of high concentration Omega-3 fish oil in the professional channel. The new and improved Orthomega will now provide a higher potency 820 milligrams of highly purified EPA/DHA per softgel for even better patient compliance and to rapidly increase cellular Omega 3 levels for the greatest impact. Orthomega will continue to be manufactured using the TRUglyceride process, preserving the all-natural triglyceride form to allow for superior absorption and incorporation within the body. With the shortest “catch-to-capsule” time in the industry and rigorous independent testing, the new Orthomega continues to set the bar for guaranteed purity, freshness and safety.

Aaron Bartz, President of Ortho Molecular Products, introduced the new Orthomega 820 saying “Throughout our 20 plus years in the professional market we have always strived to provide products that follow the most up-to-date research and incorporate only the very best ingredients. The new Orthomega 820 is just one example of our commitment to superior product efficacy.”

Orthomega 820 is manufactured in a pharmaceutical licensed plant using fish oil processed in the same harbor where the cold water, nutrient-rich fish are harvested. This incredibly short “catch to capsule” time produces the freshest fish oil available and the lowest oxidation levels in the industry. This results in ultra-pure fish oil with substantially low digestive issues and burp back complaints. Orthomega is also certified as a “Friend of the Sea” and supports sustainable fishing practices for the future health of our oceans.

“Long gone are the days of unpleasant spoonfuls of fishy liquid. Now many more patients can experience the tremendous health benefits of omega-3 fish oil, and with Orthomega 820 they also get the guaranteed purity, freshness and safety of an ultra-pure fish oil” said Mr. Bartz.
Orthomega 820 is part of the Orthomega family of fish oil supplements which include select concentrations of both EPA and DHA for targeted benefits, as well as Omega Pearls for kids. For more information visit www.Orthomolecularproducts.com or call 800-332-2351.

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