Pure Encapsulations® Announces the Launch of Their PureBi•Ome™ Product Line

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New, Cutting-Edge Technology for a Healthy Microbiome*

Sudbury, MA, June 24, 2014 – Pure Encapsulations®, a leading manufacturer of research-based, hypo-allergenic nutritional supplements, is proud to announce the launch of PureBi•Ome™, a line of probiotics utilizing the proprietary PureBi•Ome™ freeze-drying technology, which enables probiotics to maintain potency when combined with active ingredients for the first time.

“The proprietary freeze-drying technology implemented for the PureBi•Ome™ line limits the water activity within the capsule, keeping the organisms in a quiescent, yet stable state,” said Juniper Devecis, M.S., R.D., Director of Product Development at Pure Encapsulations®. “This is critical in order to effectively combine probiotic bacterial strains with other active ingredients that would otherwise negatively impact their viability,” continued Juniper.

The PureBi•Ome™ product line offers four formulas that each combine a 4-strain blend of probiotics, backed by over 15 years of research, with a selection of active ingredients, including Saccharomyces boulardii, l-glutamine, n-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC), broccoli concentrate, or cranberry extract for condition-specific support.*

“The PureBi•Ome™ products help further the mission of Pure Encapsulations® to take probiotic innovation to the next level and maximize clinical effectiveness,” stated Joy Devins, Vice President of Pure Encapsulations®. “This latest addition to our probiotics series demonstrates our commitment to excellence in sourcing, formulating, and manufacturing the highest quality products.”

For more information about Pure Encapsulations® or the complete line of PureBi•Ome™ products, please visit www.pureencapsulations.com/PureBiome.

About Pure Encapsulations®

A business unit of Atrium Innovations Inc., Pure Encapsulations® is committed to producing a complete line of research-based nutritional supplements. Available through health professionals, finished products are pure and hypo-allergenic to optimize the long-term health of the most sensitive patients.* Pure Encapsulations® is an industry leader in quality, with an extensive raw material and finished product testing program that includes analysis for identity, potency, environmental contaminants, oxidation and more by certified third party laboratories. Pure Encapsulations® is NSF-GMP registered in the U.S., GMP certified in Canada and exceeds the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for supplement manufacturing. For additional information, please visit www.PureEncapsulations.com.

About Atrium Innovations

Atrium Innovations Inc. is a globally recognized leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative, science-based, natural health products which are distributed in more than 35 countries. The Company owns healthcare practitioner and specialized retail product brands that are at the forefront of science, innovation and education. Atrium has over 1,500 employees and operates seven manufacturing facilities complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices. Additional information is available at www.atrium-innovations.com.

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