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RN LogoPhysician-only, clinically researched supplements, including mitochondrial repair ATP Fuel® with peer-reviewed published research showing 31% fatigue reduction; Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ -clinically shown to increase NK cell function by up to 620%;Tri-Fortify Orange-GMO-free/heat stable, pleasant tasting glutathione absorbable liposomal delivery system; C-RLA™ – 1,500mg Vitamin C + 75mg R-Lipoic Acid-liposomal delivery system; clinically proven Prescript-Assist Pro™ – soil-based probiotic, GMO-free, non-dairy, vegan, no refrigeration.

Researched Nutritionals, PO Box 224, Los Olivos, CA 93441

Telephone: 1 800 755 3402

Email: [email protected]



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