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Jason Kinley, ND

Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods

Being a male physician and never having had a menstrual cycle, I am always interested to learn from others about this amazing aspect of the human body. The Period Repair Manual, by Lara Briden, ND, has been a very insightful resource to do just that. Dr Briden does an excellent job of laying out how important this function is for women.

Part 1: Understanding Your Period

She begins in Part 1 by simply explaining the menstrual cycle (“Understanding Your Period”), and in a way that allows the reader to build on basic concepts; throughout the book she takes the reader into greater depth. I found a few points to be particularly important to share, as well as good reminders for myself: First, when a woman’s cycles are not normal, her body is trying to tell her something. She may be the only one listening. Second, a woman’s hormones now will set her up for her hormones later. Third, when a woman is on birth control and bleeds, it is not a real menstrual cycle.

Part 2: Treatment

Part 2 (“Treatment”) moves the reader through treatments for various conditions including PMS, PCOS, menstrual irregularities, fibroids, and acne. She also explains how to get off of hormonal birth control. This is essential because without ovulation the body does not make progesterone. Dr Briden does an excellent job of helping women understand why ovulating is so important to their lifelong health.

Though the book is not anti-birth control, it provides the reader with in-depth information on how the various progestins in hormonal contraceptives are not the same as the progesterone made naturally by the body. In medical school we learn all about how the body is supposed to work, but there is little emphasis on women having a true ovulation and menstrual cycle. In my practice, I have already been able to use Dr Briden’s book to improve patient outcomes by helping me look differently at the details of women’s menstrual health.

I also appreciated how well she was able to anticipate readers’ questions on certain topics discussed in her book. She then tells you which chapter to turn to once you are finished with a particular section. For example, in Chapter 5 she mentions endocrine disruptors but also how you can read more about the subject in Chapter 11. Throughout the treatment chapters she also discusses various nutritional applications and how they may benefit people who suffer from the various conditions. Magnesium, which she explains can help with PMS and exactly how, is only one of many examples provided.

This is a book that I have also recommended to several of my patients

This is a book that I have also recommended to several of my patients, to aid in their understanding of why the natural occurrence of an ovulatory cycle is so critically important. It provides an easy-to-follow thought process for how to be a better detective for a woman’s menstrual health. I also believe it empowers women to listen to their bodies and to demand physicians who will address their concerns regarding cycles and personal health.


  • Title: Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods, 2nd Edition
  • Author & Publisher: Lara Briden, ND
  • Available from: (Widely available)
  • Pages: 421
  • Style: Trade Paperback
  • Copyright: 2017
  • MSRP: $17.86
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