April 2011 | Anxiety / Depression / Insomnia

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Volume 7 Issue 4


An Unexpected Herbal Treatment for AnxietyApril 2011 NDNR | ANXIETY / DEPRESSION / INSOMNIA

Reviews important studies that have demonstrated the low-dose anti-anxiety effects of Echinacea Angustifolia.


Homeopathic Management of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Discusses a  successfully treated case  utilizing homeopathy.


The Food for Mood Diet

A literature review, highlight of principles, and initial study design based on naturopathic nutrition and nutritional research.


Inventory Management: Milestones in Practice Development

A brief walk through inventory management to help every ND out

there run a more streamlined, profitable practice.


Women’s Sleep Through the Ages

Explores how women’s sleep patterns are uniquely influenced

by hormonal changes throughout their life span.


The Spirit That Resides in the Heart

Comprehensive botanical therapy for anxiety,

depression and insomnia.


A Reminiscence

What I want to point out in this case is the

simplicity of prescribing based on what is most striking.


Medical Resources for NDs

A review of current publications for the

naturopathic industry.


Syndrome Z: Apnea’s Metabolic


Expert Interview With Virend K. Somers, MD,

Mayo Clinic


The Tyranny of the Medical Trusts

Elucidates the early monopolization of

medical care in the early 20th century.


The Condition Our Condition Is In

Outlines a teacher training model to achieve

higher standards in naturopathic colleges.


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