Naturopathic Doctor News & Review (NDNR) the leading clinical information resource for naturopathic physicians in North America. It serves as a dynamic voice for the advancement of naturopathic medicine by informing and educating physicians in the recent developments of the practice of natural medicine. NDNR covers current protocols, practice management, business development, marketing, clinical research, news, trends and more every month.


NDNR’s circulation of 10,000 health professionals and includes complimentary distribution to the growing number of 8,200 CNME-accredited NDs and students throughout North America, virtually reaching the entire profession. NDNR is also featured at many natural medicine conferences and conventions throughout the year, offering advertisers comprehensive exposure.


On a monthly basis, NDNR covers current and relevant topics about naturopathic medicine and includes the products that natural medicine physicians use and prescribe. The content consists of articles written by practicing NDs for practicing NDs. Contributors also include presidents of accredited naturopathic universities, university department chairs, and leaders in the naturopathic industry. Every issue theme focuses on pertinent case studies, clinical pearls, and the use of nutraceuticals, botanicals, IV and injection therapies, homeopathy, and other naturopathic modalities.


ND News & Review (NDNR) accepts sponsorships and advertising to be printed in the monthly NDNR and on ndnr.com. NDNR enjoys the highest readership of physicians specializing in natural medicine, and provides companies with an intimate relationship with the highest trained physicians in natural medicine. NDNR has maintained high standards of credibility by not allowing advertising or sponsors to influence the editorial.

Advertisers, media buyers, and others with specific questions about advertising acceptability should contact 888-627-8677 or e-mail Matthew at [email protected]


Every issue of NDNR features in-depth articles and case studies pertinent to the monthly clinical focus. Articles are written by practicing naturopathic physicians and contain the most clinically relevant information in the field of natural medicine.



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It is preferred that advertisements be submitted in electronically
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Acceptable formats are high-resolution PDF files, QuarkXPress files [collected with fonts and high-resolution artwork], or InDesign files [collected with fonts and high-resolution artwork]. Absolutely no Pagemaker, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher files will be accepted.

  • For four-color ads, please submit file(s) at a print resolution of 300dpi/150lpi in either PDF, TIFF, or JPEG (quality set to “High”, “Fine”, or “Maximum”).
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